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This is the blog for the podcast called "The Bear's Grove" by Sam Chupp. Sam holds forth on roleplaying game design, writing, running and playing with special focus on kids & RPG advocacy, romantic roleplaying, and other storytelling-focused aspects of RPGs.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Bear's Grove #16: Listener Survey Results, GM Game Prep, Blacpool Behind the Scenes

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Show Notes:

I give a reporting of the initial results of the listener survey. There's still time, though, to cast your votes if you have a Live Journal.

Dragonkin is my kids and RPG podcast now, and all of the kids and RPG stuff that would normally have gone to The Bear's Grove is going there.

We are now text searchable by Podzinger.

Go to the Harping Monkey website for more information about Mythic MUSH, where you can take a virtual tour of the Bear's Grove.

Check out Podiobooks, a really cool audio book website. I'm currently listening to 7th Son by Hutch and Mur Lafferty's collection of podcast short stories, Voices.

Tonight's show:

Romantic Snapshots: some examples of romance playing a part in my past stories.

The Storyteller's Circle: how to prepare for a game by immersing yourself in beauty and wonder.

The Game Designer's Workbench: A behind-the-scenes tour of Blacpool


The feedback question for this week is: What is the most imagination inspiring music you've ever heard? It's best if you can give us artist and title, but I'll take anything.


Blogger Jimmy said...

Blacpool sounds very interesting. The Bears Grove once again sets the standard for gaming podcaster.

6:21 PM  
Blogger The Bear's Grove said...

I wouldn't say that - but thank you very much.

6:35 PM  

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