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This is the blog for the podcast called "The Bear's Grove" by Sam Chupp. Sam holds forth on roleplaying game design, writing, running and playing with special focus on kids & RPG advocacy, romantic roleplaying, and other storytelling-focused aspects of RPGs.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bear's Grove #15: The Generic Edition, NWoD Rant, Religious Holidays, Gaming Agreements, Game With Me, Feedback

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Show Notes:
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Religion in Gaming
Interfaith Calendar (for ideas)

The Storyteller's Circle
Gaming Agreements
Some Etiquette Hints from the TechnoMom

Game With Me: A trip through the seamier parts of Blacpool
With your host, Tash Oakbin, a Sydalian scout. He's a scout, okay? not a thief. A scout. Not a rogue. OK? A scout. He scouts things.

Special thanks to Soulsong and Andrew for feedback!

The feedback question of this week is:

What do you do to prepare for your games?

No music this week - we're trying out Generic!


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