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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Bear's Grove #11: Visual Game Design Tools, Gamer Girl Interview Part 2, "Nothing," and Delayed Sexual Gratification

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Gamer the Podcasting

The Game Designers Toolkit

ArtRage, available for download free from here

The GIMP, available at
There are Windows installers specially available for the GIMP at

The Hero Machine, Free Edition:

The Hero Machine, paid edition:

Quotes from the Interview with Cynthia

"How important is it that you know all the rules?"

"Most rolls were a d20 anyway."

"There was something that could be screaming, or it could be laughter."

"He would come and sit in our laps and feed me popcorn."

"They respected our game because we respected theirs - they got sacred gaming time because we got sacred gaming time."

"I asked you first to do some one-on-one time outside the campaign."

"I wasn't looking for experience points, I was looking for the character to tell me who she was."


Quotes from Alan Braden's "Nothing" segment

"Turn your QVC Addiction into an asset for the team!"

"Town B was known only as a brief stopping point for caravans."

"Players don't want to stare at a dice screen."

"They squirm. That can be fun to watch for a little while."

"Sometimes we look for our players to perform definitive actions."

"...creating moments of warm fuzzy that will help tide their characters over later when we make their lives a living hell."

Music this Episode has been, on the Podsafe Music Network:

"Triumph" by Mark Heimonen

Geoff Smith's "Not on the Radio"

Lorena Mire's Everything

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No sex this week. Try back next week. Thanks, Phil and Dixie!


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