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This is the blog for the podcast called "The Bear's Grove" by Sam Chupp. Sam holds forth on roleplaying game design, writing, running and playing with special focus on kids & RPG advocacy, romantic roleplaying, and other storytelling-focused aspects of RPGs.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Bear's Grove #3: Rant, Kids, Love & Marriage!

I am pleased to announce the release of The Bear's Grove podcast #3.

This podcast contains:

1.) A rant about older gamers who just "don't have the time" to play RPGs anymore.
2.) How and when to get kids involved with RPGs
3.) How to accomodate a new player into a regular RPG session.
4.) What wonderful drama can arise through such romantic-related things as marriage, childbirth, parenthood, and family?


Music Notes:

Lorena Mire, "Movies in my Head"

Olivia Greer, "Rhyme & Reason"

Don't Harrass Betty, "I-95"

Vincent Van Go Go, "Just Add Beans"

Fumitaka Anzai, "Forest in the Morning"

Jessica King, "She Rests Her Head"

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