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This is the blog for the podcast called "The Bear's Grove" by Sam Chupp. Sam holds forth on roleplaying game design, writing, running and playing with special focus on kids & RPG advocacy, romantic roleplaying, and other storytelling-focused aspects of RPGs.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Surprise Update! Podcast #2!

I'm just as surprised as you are.

The next edition of The Bear's Grove podcast is now up.

Special thanks to our new iTunes listeners and to Liberated Syndication for hosting me!


Music used in this program:

"Fly, Fly, Fly" by Adrina Thorpe

"Forest in the Morning" by Fumitaka Anzai

DJ AKid's Love Mission 1.0

"Aerstream" by

"The Kite Song" by The Egerton Boyz

If you are interested in becoming a Knight of Thespis, please email me at bearsgrove at gmail dot com with the statement,

"I hereby swear or affirm to uphold the spirit and the letter of the Good Gamer's Manifesto!"

And you're in. It's that easy.


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